Run Fusion

This section will cover the basics of run fusion looking at the main difference between the two modes of working with the MyGo software. Other sections in the software manual will include run fusion topics if necessary. The software has remained the same for non fused projects, however we have made some changes that will make it easier for you when fusing projects together.

Fusing Experiments

Multiple experiments can be fused together by selecting them in the open file dialog. Experiments files do not have to be in the same file location in order to be fused.

Fusing from the same location

Select one experiment you wish to fuse and hold down the cmd key whilst selecting another as shown below:

image alt text

Select Open and you will get the following file dialog:

image alt text

Select Fuse 2 files into one and the experiments will be fused into a new fused project.

Fusing from different locations

Experiment files do not have to be in the same file location in order to be fused. There are tabs in the top left of the open file dialog which can be used to choose files from different locations. A number in brackets at the end of the tab indicated how many files are currently selected in this location.

As shown below I have select Experiment 1 and Experiment 2 from the folder MyGo Pro 3.0. Notice the (2) which indicates 2 files are being selected.

image alt text

To add a third experiment from a different location select the + button next to the MyGo Pro 3.0 tab at the top left of the open file dialog. You can now navigate to the new file location to add your third experiment file. As shown below Experiment 3 was located on the desktop.

image alt text

Select Open and you will now get the option to fuse all 3 files into a new fused project as shown below:

image alt text

New Fused Project

Once you have created a new fused project your software will look like the one below:

image alt text

Here 2 MyGo Five runs have been fused together to create a new fused project. As you can see the layout is slightly different to non fused projects. Information that is provided includes:

Instrument Type

This will tell you what type of instrument the experiment you are fusing was from. In this case it was two MyGo Pro runs.

Instrument ID

This is the specific ID for the instruments that your experiments were run from.

Experiment Created

This is the time and date at which your new fused project was created.


Here is the list of the two experiments you have fused, the instrument IDs and any notes that may have been contained with the original experiments.


This will inform you of how compatible your fused projects are to one another. In the case below they are compatible on both cycling and melting programs.

image alt text

Fused Experiment Report

It is also possible to create an experimental report from two or more fused projects. The layout is the same to report generation for non fused projects.

Run Settings for Fused Projects

In a fused project the run settings will give you an overview of the run settings used in each experiment as shown below:

image alt text

Profiles for Fused Projects

Profiles work very similar to run settings in a fused project. It will give you a list of the profiles used in each experiment. If the profiles are the same there will only be one item in the list. Any different profiles in you fused project will be listed in the Profiles list. IOn the example below both profiles were the same, therefore there is only one item in the Profiles list.

image alt text

Results as Table for Fused Projects

The Results as Table in fused projects work slightly differently to none fused experiments. As shown below the numbering for wells contained in the first experiment are 1-A1. For wells in the second experiment the numbering is numbered like 2-A1.

image alt text

Plate View for Fused Projects

Plate views work in a very similar way to experiment that have not been fused. The only difference is that there will be multiple plate, depending on your fused project. In the example below two MyGo Five runs have been fused together, thus two plate views are visible.

image alt text