Start Run

Once you are happy with the settings you have programmed a run can be started by selecting the green Start Run button at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

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Choose Instrument

Upon clicking the Start Run button a Choose instrument window will appear as shown below. If a MyGo Pro instruments has been connected to the network and added to your list of registered instruments, it will appear in this window. If your instrument does not appear, please check it is powered on and connected to the network. You should also refer to Configuring Your MyGo Pro for more information on connecting your MyGo Pro to the network and registering it in your list of instruments. Once you have selected the MyGo Pro you wish to run, click Select and the MyGo Pro will begin the experiment you programmed.

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Start Run From USB

Experiments can also be run from a USB stick by selecting Start run from USB when in the Choose instrument window. Click Select and you will then be asked to save the experiment.

Save Run to USB

Navigate to the location of your MyGo Pro USB stick which will be named “MYGO.” Click Save and the run will be saved to your USB stick.

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Running From Your USB Stick

Once the run has been saved to your USB stick, safely remove it from your computer and insert it into the USB port found at the front of the MyGo Pro.

Opening Your USB Run

Once complete the MyGo Pro lid will open as usual and the USB stick can now be removed from the instrument. Replace the USB stick into your computer and select Open from within the MyGo Pro software. If you are unsure to the location of this button please refer to Opening an Experiment. Navigate to the location of the USB stick and select Open.

image alt textUSB Run in the Software

When the run has been opened from the USB stick the experiment name will be the same as it was when the experiment was saved to the USB stick. In the example below the experiment name is MyGo Pro USB Run. However, by default the experiment file name is USBRunComplete with a date and time stamp, for example USBRunComplete2013-06-12 11.00.ppf as shown above.

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