Data allows the user to view real time data as it is obtained from the MyGo Pro instrument.


Select the fourth tab on the left hand side of the screen named Data. Below is a screenshot that was taken during an experiment.

image alt text

Temperature Data

The Temperature Data is situated in the top left hand side of the screen. It shows the MyGo Pro instrument’s progress through the temperature profile that was programmed before the experiment was executed.

Intensity versus Time/Acquisition

The top right hand side of the screen shows the fluorescent data that is being acquired from the MyGo Pro instrument during the run. As you can see above the PCR reaction began to amplifying just after 33 minutes. Intensity versus Time displays time on the x-axis and selecting Intensity versus Acquisition displays cycle on the x-axis. This is useful to determine at what time and at what cycle real-time events occur during the run.

Correct for Background

In order to make the fluorescence data easier to read, the display will automatically correct for background fluorescence in cycling programs, and show only the change in fluorescence as the amplification proceeds. Once at least 6 cycles have been performed, the average fluorescence level of each curve from cycles 4, 5 and 6 will be subtracted from all other cycles of that curve.

Disabling Correct For Background

It is possible to disable this background correction by clicking the Correct for Background checkbox to deselect it, as shown in the example below. This will show the full fluorescent intensity of the reaction at its current state. This option is only available in the Data view and will not affect analysis of the experiment.

image alt text

Selected Channels

The MyGo Pro acquires data through 120 optical channels. The software provides a simplified display by grouping this data into Real channels or Dye channels.

Real Channels

The MyGo Pro optical channels are grouped into 12 groups real channels. These can be viewed by selecting Real channels. These are the raw optical channels that are present on the instrument that can not be removed.

image alt text

Dye channels

The user can also view the dye channels that are being used for analysis in the experiment. These are determined in Samples and can be viewed in the data view by selecting Dye channels as shown below:

image alt text

Experiment Status Bar

The status of the experiment can be viewed at the bottom of the screen whilst anywhere in the software.