If you are facing problems with your MyGo instrument please consult this step by step guide to troubleshooting your instrument.

My MyGo Isn’t… Troubleshoot
Turning on Make sure that the power cable is connected correctly and securely to both the instrument and the wall socket.
Starting an experiment Securely fasten the MyGo Mini lid / load MyGo Pro strips. If using a network run, ensure your MyGo is connected to the network and your PC has the correct network settings.
Connecting to the network Make sure the Ethernet cable is correctly connected. When connecting, push the network plug into the socket until a click is heard, then pull gently on the cable to check it does not pull out.
Completing an experiment When running over Ethernet, do not close the software or disconnect the MyGo or PC from the network.
Starting a USB run Connect the USB drive securely to the USB connector / instrument. The USB extension cable can be used to make this more convenient for MyGo Mini runs. Please check that the experiment is on your USB stick. Do not remove the USB drive until the run completes - for a MyGo Pro, this is when the lid opens and displays cyan. For a MyGo Mini this is when the instrument displays a rainbow pattern and says “Analysis Completed”.
Going green Power on the instrument, is it flashing red? If so please contact your technical support representative.