This section will help you to take care of your MyGo system properly. If taken care of, your system should not need to be cleaned, re-calibrated or repaired.

Running Experiments


Use MyGo recommended disposables. Non-approved disposables may be cheap but they also may not seal properly which means they might leak. Leaking tubes can cause:bad results; a dirty instrument; or lab contamination. Non-approved disposables may also have a different wall thickness than approved disposables., As a result they may break easily or provide reduced thermal performance.


Make sure you seal your disposables properly as described in the Disposables section. Tubes that are not sealed properly can leak.


Dispose of your used PCR tubes immediately after use unless kept under controlled conditions. Post-PCR tubes contain high concentrations of PCR products and are a significant contamination risk.


Make sure you always handle your reagents, disposables and your instrument with gloves. Make sure you replace, and dispose, used gloves regularly. Using gloves will keep your hands clean and minise the risk of laboratory contamination. Handling post-PCR tubes can transport PCR products around the lab.


The decontamination guide should be followed carefully if your instrument is dirty, has been contaminated, or you are sending it back for repair. If you need additional cleaning of the instrument wells, please contact your distributor for guidance. If you are returning an instrument please print out this document and fill in the completion certificate.

Download decontamination guide.


Your instrument does not need periodic optical or thermal recalibration. If your instrument has become damaged by dropping or other rough handling then contact your technical support representative who will advise you of the appropriate action..


In order to reduce the risk of damage do not move your instrument unless necessary. Always transport the machine using the polystyrene circle that came with the instrument - this must be placed over the wells, before the lid is closed. This will prevent the heated lid from touching the mounts when it is closed, and so prevent damage to the mounts. If you need to transport your instrument to another lab then please also use the flight case provided. If the instrument needs to be shipped please do so in the original packaging.