This section will help you learn how to handle disposables properly. It will cover marking, sealing, handling and loading of disposables into the instrument.

MyGo Disposables

The MyGo systems do not require proprietary disposables, however we do recommend that you use MyGo branded disposables for optimal results. The MyGo Pro uses 8 well strips and the MyGo Mini uses single tubes as shown below:


The optical design of the MyGo system means that we do not read from the top of the well, therefore you can write on top of the lids. Please do not write on the sides or the bottom of the tubes as this will limit the performance of your instrument and may cause damage.


To ensure that the tubes are correctly sealed please make sure you apply additional and equal force to the tubes. It is normally recommended to use an implement that can apply more pressure that just your hands.


Please ensure that disposables are handled with care and are centrifuged before placing in the instrument. This will avoid bubbles in the reaction volume resulting causing optical artefacts.


When loading disposables into the instrument you must ensure that they are balanced across the mount. This can be achieved with the following loading examples.

A: Full Plateimage alt text

B: Even Mounts

image alt text

The following loading arrangements should not be performed as it will result in an uneven heated lid pressure which could lead to tubes leaking, and if done repeatedly, potentially damage your heated lid.

image alt textimage alt text